Preparing Your Business

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Disasters can be catastrophic to businesses and local economies. Small businesses — which are the majority of businesses on the North Shore — are especially vulnerable to the impacts of disasters. 

If a business fails in an emergency, the households that rely on that business will have difficulty recovering.

Quick tips for getting prepared

To ensure your business is better prepared to survive and recover after an emergency:

  • Assess the types of emergencies that may affect your business
  • Plan to continue operations during an emergency by making your company stronger with back-up plans, simpler operations, and a list of emergency suppliers
  • Prepare your employees with emergency plans for each worksite, emergency supplies, and drills
  • Keep copies of important records off-site and in a water- and fire-resistant container
  • Plan ahead for extended disruptions in your utilities services
  • Plan how you will communicate with employees, the public, customers, government, other businesses, and neighbours
  • Encourage employees and their loved ones to have personal emergency plans
  • Plan how you will communicate with and assist employees and customers with special needs
  • Know your insurance policy and the impact various emergencies may have on your coverage

Take a closer look

Ready to start preparing your business for a natural disaster or other emergency? Use these resources to get started.

Print out these checklists, forms, and guides

View these online resources for more help getting started