Reduce hazards in your home


Get Prepared

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A natural disaster can strike at any time, without warning. Learn how to make an emergency kit and plan, and protect yourself, your family, and your property.

Get Alertable

NSEM is using Alertable to send out alerts for emergencies such as severe weather and natural disasters.


During earthquakes and other disasters, injuries and property damage often occur as a result of things around the home falling, breaking, moving, or starting a fire.

You can reduce the risk by taking some time now to identify these possible hazards around your home, and fixing them.

Quick tips for identifying potential hazards around your home

Steps you can take to make the inside of your home safer include:

Hazards outside your home

Be aware of outside hazards and plan for how you will handle them if you have to evacuate, including:

Your home’s foundation

To reduce the risk of damage to your home:

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Are you ready to start eliminating hazards in your home? Use these resources to get started.

Print out these checklists, forms, and other tools