Are You Ready?

A natural disaster can strike at any time, without warning. Learn how to make an emergency kit and plan, and protect yourself, your family, and your property.

Get Alertable

NSEM is using Alertable to send out alerts for emergencies such as severe weather and natural disasters.


Seasonal storms often bring heavy rain and high winds to the North Shore. Severe winds can blow down trees and branches, causing power outages, road closures, and traffic disruptions.

Wind warnings are issued when either of the following are expected:

  • Continual winds of 65 km/h or greater
  • Wind gusts of 90 km/h or greater
How to prepare

Make an emergency plan and prepare an emergency kit in case of a power outage.

What to do during a windstorm
  • If you can’t avoid travelling during the storm, give yourself extra time.
  • Always stop at a darkened intersection, then proceed with caution. During a power outage, all intersections normally controlled by a traffic signal become four-way stops.
  • Watch out for fallen tree branches and wires.
  • Report fallen trees to your municipality.

Contact your municipality

Get notified of a windstorm
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