Power outages

determination of a manual worker braving the elements to repair an electrical line after a winter snowstorm.

Know the Risks

Are You Ready?

A natural disaster can strike at any time, without warning. Learn how to make an emergency kit and plan, and protect yourself, your family, and your property.

Get Alertable

NSEM is using Alertable to send out alerts for emergencies such as severe weather and natural disasters.

How to prepare

Make an emergency plan and prepare an emergency kit so you can survive on your own for a minimum of 72 hours. 

Read tips provided by BC Hydro for planning ahead for your home or business.

What to do during a power outage

Check the BC Hydro website to see if the outage has been reported already. If not, follow the directions provided.

If you are inside when an outage occurs:

If you are outside when an outage occurs, stay at least 3 car lengths or 10 m away from downed power lines.

What to do after a power outage

Learn more about power outages