How to create a household emergency plan

What would you do if there was a disaster or other emergency while you were at work and your children were at school? How would you communicate to make sure everyone was safe and get your family back together?

Having an emergency plan — and making sure everyone in your family is familiar with it — can help save valuable time during an emergency, and make the situation less stressful for everyone.

Quick tips for creating your plan

Your emergency plan should include details about: 

  • meeting places for your family and loved ones to reunite, one close to your home and another outside your community
  • names and contact information for your neighbours
  • names and contact information for out-of-town contacts
  • family health details (medication names, Care Card numbers, doctor contact information
  • names of people assigned to pick up children, family members who require assistance, or pets, in case you're not able to
  • the location of your emergency kit and grab-and-go bags

Make sure you review the plan with every member of your family, and update it annually. ​

Ready to start creating your family emergency plan? Visit these online resources to get started