In Your Car

In your car

The unexpected can happen anytime and anywhere. You may be in your car during an emergency, so make sure you have supplies to help sustain you and keep you comfortable.

Quick tips for getting prepared

When putting together emergency supplies for your car, consider what you can comfortably carry as you may have to leave your car and walk to a safe location.

Make an emergency car kit

The following items will fit in a backpack:

  • Food and water — ready-to-eat food and 1.5 L of water in multiple water pouches
  • Supplies for your comfort — rain clothes, blankets, hand and foot warmers, first aid kit
  • Supplies for your safety — flashlight and batteries, whistle, cell phone charger, warning lights, and flares
  • Supplies for your car — rags and paper towels, ice scraper and brush, shovel, and booster cables

Take a closer look

Are you ready to make your car emergency kit? Use these resources to get started.

Print out these checklists, forms, and guides

Visit these online resources for more help preparing