We regret that we are unable to offer youth presentations at this time.

Request a preparedness presentation for youth

Do you run a youth group on the North Shore? We offer a free, high-energy interactive presentation with games, songs and other activities for youth aged 7 to 14. 

During the presentation,our instructor will cover:

  • what to do during an emergency
  • the need  to be self-reliant for 72 hours
  • the survival rule of three
  • sheltering in place
  • evacuations
  • creating a grab-and-go bag

The presentation is 1.5 to 2 hours long, and is provided at your North Shore regular meeting site. (Note: Unfortunately we are not able to accept requests for presentations off the North Shore)

Requirements for your group

Any North Shore youth group who meets on a regular basis and has a leadership structure in place, can request a presentation. We require:

  • a minimum of 15 students
  • a maximum of 30 students
  • all students in the group must be in the same age range (presentations are different depending on age)
  • no children under 7 (material is not suitable for very young children)

If you don't meet the minimum of 15, you can arrange to work with another youth group within the same age range and decide on the location for the presentation.

Requirements for presentation day

To deliver your free presentation, all we need is an open space — such as a large room or gym — as this presentation involves active games. A table available for handouts and presentation materials would be useful.

Youth group leaders must be present and active for the entire presentation, and assume responsibility for any issues their youth present. We expect group leaders to be present, and provide the same level of supervision you would if no trainer were present. All leaders are expected to help out during the presentation.

About our instructors

Our instructors are all trained, have had background checks and interviews, and have all passed the RCMP vulnerable sector screening for working with youth.

Request your free presentation now

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